yakuake-sb - the multi konsole

- the multi konsole -


Started in April 2007. Current version: 2.9.6 (Nov. 2009)

Console for: KDE.
Current developers: S. Baur (founder)

Supported platforms:

Linux, ... probably even more KDE compatible platforms (let me know if you get it running on a system that is not mentioned here)


  • KDE-4 (and KDE-3) version based on yakuake-2.9.6 (yakuake-2.8 for kde-3 version)
  • access the virtual consoles inside the yakuake by the keyboard shortcuts ALT-1, ALT-2, ... , ALT-9 (open new session if not already opened)
  • additional changes to yakuake:
    • keep title bar always visible (to see current status of running application)
      automatically in background when minimized and without quit button to avoid clicking it by accident
    • click on title bar toggles state
    • in KDE-3 version: skin (default-sb) a bit more green'isch
    • in KDE-3 version: automatically name the sessions by their numbers [1],[2], ... (the KDE-4 version currently sticks to the automatic session naming algorithm of the KDE-4 version of yakuake)


To get an impression have a look at this:

Version 2.7.5 (linux)
(move cursor over it)


And to get a even more intense impression, try it yourself:


If you want to contribute to this project or comment on it, simply contact me at yakuake-sb